26 smiles november2709_1 november2709_2up november2709_2up_2 This group of twenty-six (oh my!) is quite special, it all started with two people falling in love, many years later, and many children and grandchildren later, the family has grown into twenty six smiles, giggles, hugs, kisses and countless memories. So I was very excited and a bit nervous (that's a lot of people) when my dear friend, Tammie, asked if I'd photograph all of them over this holiday weekend. As I go through the images this evening I can't help but smile, the joy from this morning radiates right through the computer screen. Thank you, Kenney Family, it was a gift to photograph your happiness this morning.
...... ......
11.26 november2609_1
pinch me......... {11.24 to 11.25}
november2509_4november2509_1november2509_2november2509_3 november2409_1 november2409_2 Funny how things happen sometimes... a few weeks ago I decided that one of my business goals for 2010 would be to start getting my items into local shops.
All of a sudden I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of Dreamy in Encinitas, for this holiday season! Heather (she dreamed up Dreamy) seeks out only the most beautiful and unique items for her shop and loves to support local artists...so it is quite an honor to be a part of her vision. Many of the items I created are one of a kind, the vintage recipe garlands and ribbon ornaments, plus I relished in the opportunity to work on some special packaging for my sterling silver photograph pendants.
It is a dream come true.


...and baby makes four november2309_1 november2309_2 This bundle of three is about to become four in a matter of weeks. We headed out to Del Mar this morning, it was gorgeous, they are gorgeous. Laughter, kisses, cuddles, graham crackers, sand, and getting wet in the ocean were enjoyed...if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember their reindeer cuteness from last year. Thank you, Lowman family...let's do it again next year!


shades of burgandy orangish red... november2209_1 Findings from this morning's walk, too pretty to just leave behind. {11.22}
...... november2109_1 Hermie...pure cuteness, everyday...this is his Saturday face. {11.21}
...... november2009_1november2009_2 peek-a-boo!
A cozy for my kitchenaid, sometimes it gets chilly (or dusty). I was so happy to find twilltape on Etsy, she let me choose the main fabric and then did her magic, it is gorgeous!!! {11.20}


sleepy jet-lagged feet, resting
...to DC and back {11.14 to 11.18}
dc_1dc_2dc_3dc_4 dc_11 dc_14 dc_12 dc_10 dc_6dc_8 dc_13dc_7 dc_5 dc_9
Case and I flew on a plane (super super early) on Saturday morning with dreams of smithsonians, fall foliage and monuments. It was four and a half magnificent days of squirrels, The National Cathedral, Wisconsin Avenue, Cactus Cantina, walking, a flea market within steps of our hotel, a city tour, patriotic music at 8 am each morning (I still don't know where that was coming from, but it was quite charming) Cake Love, Ben's Chili Bowl, M Street, the metro, The National Mall in the daytime, The National Mall in the evening, bus rides, maps, Arlington National Cemetery, oak trees, Julia Child's kitchen and Dorothy's ruby slippers at The National Museum of American History, The Newseum, stunning and inspiring photography exhibits, clear blue skies, Taj of India, late night cannolis, The White House, friendly people, protesting people, popcorn in the park, Georgetown, lush, and drinking chai tea at the communal table at Le Pain Quotidien.
Being in Washington DC is like climbing right into the most interesting absorbing history book and seeing it come alive right before your eyes, while getting to enjoy the very best food at the same time, ah, warm memories and the desire to go back again and again.


pie baking november1309_1 Hermie snoring
extra blanket layering
shipping packages, navy blue knit ugg wearing
glittering acorns while Martha Stewart watching
warm green tea latte with whipped cream drinking
flannel bottoms in the evening, at the computer, sitting
pie for dinner (enjoying!)
What kind of weather are you having?


a warm bath november1209_1 When I go to the post office I enjoy the opportunity to people watch, and it is a small intimate place so conversations are often too close to not hear.
Today, a mom who had been wrestling with a package trying to get it to fit into a priority box, got a call on her bright pink phone about her daughter, whom it sounded like, had just gotten sick at home and the person taking care wasn't sure what to do next, hence the call to the mom. She reassured that she would be right home, but in the meantime to draw a warm bath and check for a fever.
As I was listening I felt a wave of the comfort of childhood go over me, being completely taken care of, playing on my mind, falling asleep without to do lists looming...it was a warm moment.


{new goodies in the shop!}
twinkle twinkle
november101109_1 november101109_2 november101109_3 november101109_4
....little stars
Fall photos, can you just hear those leaves crunching, laughter and feel the autumn air?
{11.10 to 11.11}


monday november0909_2 november0909_1 additions to the shop... circles, clouds, custom sample (Gramma and Grampa holding hands), hopefully more goodies will make it in tomorrow, or at least by Wednesday


patience november0709_1 Oh, pomegranate seeds...very much worth the time, spurts of juice and care to pluck and eat each one.
...... november0809_2 Three ripe bananas, no cupcake liners (so hand cut parchment circles did the job), not enough frosting, grateful for the beauty of powdered sugar...might have been too late in the night to start, but oh so delicious.
...... november0809_1 Sunday morning walk with Dad and Hermie, a bright spot at week's end and a lovely beginning to the week yet to come.
...... november0609_2 A snuggled kitty, Ladybug, she cries at me all day long lately, demanding pets and kisses, then more in exchange for purrs and nose rubs.
11.6 to 11.8
How was your weekend?


found november0509_1 beauty, a touch of teal thread, softness, a button, echos of vintage in the delicate pattern and unique style . . . made by Amy at Ponder and Stitch {thank you!}
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